Power Gained by Deception

Topics: North Korea, South Korea, Kim Jong-il Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: September 28, 2014
Beomjin Heo
From Cornelius Sulla to Kim Jong-Un, power gained by deception-by controlling the thinking style of the people, and power gained by physical or military force are two things that have always been a part of the world’s politics through history. According to Caddell (2004),” political deception may have a close relationship to and impact on military operations” (page 2). these two ideas both give the least positive ambiance, but they have never left the hands of the leaders of mankind. In a world where both “methods” of gaining political authority exist, it is more appropriate to define the relationship between the two, than to compare and prove which is actually “better.” Deception and force have a chronological relationship: In the political aspect, the most effective way to gain what you want is by deception, and force is a necessity that follows to maintain the deception from dying out. Almost every major influence between societies- the so-called “mind war” that has happened through history expresses this relationship’s definition. The Philippines, for instance, was conquered by the Spanish explorers for nearly 300 years. The long triumph of this colonization was not like the other cases where the westerners’ technological advancement caused the victory, but it was the huge impact of Christianity that threw the rather innocent natives into the traps of the Spanish. The Filipinos were not forced to refrain from fighting back, but they sincerely believed that they shouldn’t. Shackford (1990) wrote, “Using religious dogman, they were able to convince the indigenous people, which they considered uncivilized and in need of guidance. (p.83). Stopping the historical story here would make readers understand the power of deception, but the entire process of Spanish colonization did not work by deception only. The Spanish set strict rules for the natives to follow and implied punishments for anyone who went against it. The power of force is implied in...
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