Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely Animal Farm

Topics: Terrorism, India, Irregular military Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: August 8, 2009
Fighting terrorism in India

449:Mumbai,107:delhi,75:Kashmir ,50:Jaipur the list goes on…These are the number of innocent lives that have been lost in the past year to terrorism in 2008.These numbers not only indicate the growing rate of terror in India but also highlight the issues of lack of security ,corruption and weak government policies to fight terror.This year the nation was shaken by the Mumbai terror attack described as the “fidaheen”style of terror only seen in J&K.We always felt that these terror attacks were only in tribal ,rural areas or on borders touching the lives of only the poor peasants,villagers and soldiers on the borders. this year they the Mumbai terror attacks touched the lives of the well to do Indian who felt safe in the posh areas of the urban cities and hotels.No body in their wildest dreams could have every predicted that a group of ten terrorist could hold an entire city to ransom.On the night of 26 th November 10 terrorist armed with arms and amuntion entered Mumbai by boat and fired at random at people at some of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels The oberois and The taj that is a 100 year old building that not only is an iconic landmark of Mumbai but also India.These terrorist not only fired at people in the hotels destroyed the buildings ,held hostages but also engaged in a long ceasefire lasting nearly 3 days with the brave nsg commandos who risked their lives to protect people.

The government has identified these terrorist as Pakistani s who are part of a terrorist group operating from Pakistan called the Taliban which frequently changes its name.The government of India along with various governments from around the world are now putting Pakistan under pressure to act against these organizations that are not only responsible for terrorist attacks in India or across the world.Thses terrorists are brainwashed and told sometimes that they are fighting for Kashmir as they believe it belongs to Pakistan.For different...
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