Power and Politics: Effects on Different Sectors

Topics: Political philosophy, Management, Conflict Pages: 3 (1110 words) Published: March 7, 2013
My experience in the insurance, education and the financial services industry and applying the global financial crisis and credit crunch that we are slowly seeing positive returns, many companies cannot overcome their own problems so that leads to lower productivity, resource availability and reductions in the outputs within the business. Due to this situation, in order to survive in the organizations, it's essential for leaders and managers to have self- improvement in various fields and strengthen their abilities such as the ability of controlling and using power, politics and conflict resolution to manage and settle conflicts in their working environment. In pursuit of achieving goals, people need to deal with the interpersonal and intergroup conflict or problems caused by different backgrounds, cultures, education and differences in core competencies; in a sense so that they can obtain more power and influences over decision-making opportunities. I experience a landscape that seeks various forms of each element mentioned above. It is necessary to realize how conflict and politics influence our life working in an organization. Additionally, having a clear understanding of the relationships between power, conflict and politics within an organization can contribute to comprehend what roles they are satisfying in the workplace. This brief paper gives an account of power, conflict and politics in various forms of my experience in organizational activity and the impact on performance. Foremost, the first part will demonstrate the definition of conflict and give a detailed description on the sources of conflict I perceive in some cases. It will then go on to illustrate power and politics in the following parts. Finally, it will assess some of the effects of power and politics on life within organization. Conflict is not avoidable and can be managed and reduced by exercising power and political strategies. As mentioned in our readings this week conflict is not...
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