power and knowledge

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Knowledge is More Powerful than Power
There are many ways to be a leader, someway leads to a good future; someway is a dead ending. "People ask the difference between a leader and a boss.... The leader works in the open, and the boss in covert. The leader leads and the boss drives." (Theodore Roosevelt). Like what Roosevelt said, leader and boss are different. Leader means use knowledge and skill let people follow and boss means use power let people follow. Creon and Prospero are the leaders in Antigone and The Tempest, and their leadership has some similarities and differences. And the difference makes Creon and Prospero have different results. Knowledge is more important than power, because knowledge can control the direction of result.

In my opinion, leadership and power are not the same. To be a good leader, leadership skill is the most important tool not power. However, Creon becomes the king only because he is a royal member. “And so I have the throne, all royal power, for I’m the one most closely linked by blood to these who have been killed.” (Sophocles P16). Creon has royal blood that doesn’t mean he has the skill to be the king. Power is a tool to drive people and Creon thinks that is the meaning of leadership. Creon wants the power so he tries his best to protect his power, he wants to become a grateful leader so he tries to use his own way let people understand that they are safe and his law is wonderful and question less. No one can stand up against him because he needs one hundred percent powers to control everything. Creon doesn’t want anyone to question his way to control the country so he wants everyone who against him disappears. Creon thinks he is above everything and he is not controlled by anyone. “No woman’s going to govern me-no, no-not while I’m still alive.” (Sophocles P30). That thought causes his terrible ending. Self-conceit is not a personality which a good leader should have.

Prospero is the leader in The Tempest....
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