Power and Gender in "1984" and "The Winlsow Boy"

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, The Winslow Boy, Terence Rattigan Pages: 3 (1189 words) Published: October 26, 2009
Power and Gender in ‘1984’ and ‘The Winslow Boy’

‘1984’ by George Orwell and ‘The Winslow Boy’ by Terence Rattigan both explore the issues of power and gender in their texts. Power and gender is represented and portrayed to the audience in certain ways. In ‘1984’, George Orwell communicates these aspects through Winston and Julia, and the three parties respectfully. He also uses irony to give the reader a better understanding of who has the power in the situations. In ‘The Winslow Boy’, Terence Rattigan explores the themes through the court case, and also through Catherine.

Power is a main theme in the book ‘1984’. The book explores the struggle and the abuse of power throughout the storyline. In the novel, there are three class systems in the society, these being the Inner Party, Outer Party and the Proles. As a totalitarianism system is in place, each party is given certain rules and responsibilities. Through these rules and responsibilities, we are able to determine the level of power each party has. The Inner party has few rules and responsibilities. As a result, we are able to conclude that they have a great amount of power, and they lead a luxurious life. An example from the text is on page 175 which states: “The whole atmosphere of the huge block of flats, the richness and spaciousness of everything, the unfamiliar smells of good food and good tobacco, the silent and incredibly rapid lifts sliding up and down, the white-jacketed servants hurrying to and fro – everything was intimidating. The Outer Party however do not lead such a fantastic life; however their life is full of rules and responsibilities to their communities. Members of the Outer Party are constantly forced to take part in events such as the ‘two minute hate’ and they are bound by rules which affect their day to day activities. They are constantly monitored by telescreens and live in fear of ‘vaporisation’. Also, The Outer Party members are continually famined as they are handed out...
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