Power and Authority in Uglies: Book Series Review

Topics: Uglies, Tally Youngblood, Social class / Pages: 3 (671 words) / Published: Apr 26th, 2011
The novel that I have chosen to discuss is in relation to the area of study of Power and Authority. The novel, from the series Uglies, I have chosen is called Specials, By Scott Westerfeld. The genre of the novel I am currently discussing is a fiction book with some action scenes. The novel was first published in September 2006 by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. One type of power that is represented in this novel is Social power, which is a higher and lower social class often determined by means or wealth. Another type of power that is represented in this book is force, which is a power achieved through threat of an enactment of physical violence.

The plot for the uglies series is about a girl named Tally Youngblood. Throughout the series, we follow Tally Youngblood through a first person perspective, as she tries to overcome different social classes throughout each book, with the next book more exciting and nerve racking experiences take place. The genre of the novel is action, mysterious and suspenseful. This series wasn’t really set in a specific country or place, all I obtain from the book is that it is set on Earth. There is no specific time period but due to the advanced technology and advanced medical knowledge that is used throughout the book, it feels like it is set in the distant future. In the series, the pretties live in fabulous units, the uglies live in dormitories and the specials live in the forest. The novels were set at a steady pace. Tally, the main character is trying to become free of power and authority. The outcome of Specials is that Tally brings peace, and she sends out a message that if anyone destroys the forest, Tally will be there to protect it.

In the first book, Uglies, Tally is just a few weeks away from becoming a “pretty” which basically represents wealth, popularity and social power, whereas the uglies is represented as the poor and ostracized.
In the second

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