Topics: Barack Obama, Military, Political philosophy Pages: 4 (1461 words) Published: May 6, 2014
In todays world the concept of "power is essentially contested, because there are different definitions of what power 'is' and therefore how it appears or is exercised."(Axford and Browning et al., 2002). Power is spoken about and depended on in todays society, but nobody truly understands it. (Nye, 2004). Power is exercised completely different throughout the world, as each country has its own laws, morals, attitudes, beliefs, government and military interference. As a world wide definition 'Power' can be defined as a possession of control, authority or influence over others. We see this definition of power exercised all over the world on the television or in a newspaper, as the domination of one group of people over another can have detrimental affects for a country, which is then penetrated throughout the world by the power of the media. (Anon, 2008). This essay will explore the different types of power throughout the world, and how each state incorporates power in either a positive or negative way in the running of their country. It will examine the type of power in America, which will be contrasted with the type of power in European countries. It will also examine the factors in which power relies on and also how this power is exercised throughout a country, and its effect on the people of that country. In society, many factors determine power such as, wealth, power and outstanding skills. In capitalistic societies a persons wealth determines their level of power. It is also true to say that power creates power, as a person becomes more powerful by exercising and expanding their power. A person who posses outstanding skills differs from society, which acts as a base for social power. (Kumar, 2014) Evidentially power exists in almost every aspect of a persons life. We observe and experience aspects of power from as young as 5 in the play ground through bullying, as one person can feel superior to another and therefore dictate that persons behavior and...
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