Topics: Nuclear power, Energy development, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: May 28, 2013
At this time, many people have been aware about advantages of nuclear power that can mitigate global warming impact but they don’t notice the disadvantages of nuclear power. The advantages of nuclear power are the emission of green house is relatively low, this technology is readily available, it can produce high amount of electrical energy. Whereas the disadvantage are the problem of radioactive waste, high risk, not renewable energy, not sustainable energy, etc. From the above explanation, nuclear energy can’t be a solution to any problem especially in energy crisis problem. I have a different idea with the writer that nuclear energy can’t be a solution to any problem, in my opinion nuclear energy can solve many problem of energy crisis.

Firstly, increasing population and the reserve of global energy that is decreased. In 2011, the earth is habited by 6 billion people. Based on data from United Nations Long-Range World Population Projections, the world population in 2015 will increase to 7.2 billion, in 2025 rose to nearly 8 billion people and will become 9.3 billion in 2050. Rapid world population growth will result in a depreciation of non-renewable natural resources too quickly. This is because to supply world energy needs, in which the global primary energy demand reaches 87% and electricity by 63%, derived from fossil fuels. Therefore crude oil with a capacity that is available globally amounted to 1195 billion barrels, can be used up to 43 years. Coal, with global reserves of 1316 trillion tons will be used up over 231 years. While the global reserves of natural gas has 144 trillion m3, can be used no more than 62 years. Global uranium reserves estimated about 4,36 million tons. In a nuclear reactor, nuclear fuel that has been used can be recycled, if this is done at a nuclear power plant in the world, all the rest of the uranium can be a supply of energy for thousands of years. Beside that, in the world also know there are 4 billion tons of uranium in...
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