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The history of powder coating
What exactly is powder coating? Powder coating is the process of coating a surface in which a powder material is applied using an electrostatic or compressed air method. Then the applied powder is heated to its melting point, after it forms to a firm, durable finish the product is very resistant to scratches, cracking, peeling, UV rays, and rust. Powder coatings over the years have become the coating technology of choice for consumable goods from toolboxes, bicycles, and office furniture to widespread markets such as appliances and automobiles. The unique application characteristics of powder coatings provide superior consistency and uniformity of finish without sags, drips, runs, or bubbles. They provide extremely tough, durable films, enhancing the image of the consumer products. The history of powder coating begins in the late 1940s and early 1950s, where organic polymers were being spray coated in a powder form on metallic bases. Later, in 1960 the electrostatic powder coating system was created. This method uses the properties of electricity to apply a high-solids coating to any conductive material. The painting equipment is charged with one electrical polarity, while the metal objects to be painted are charged with the reverse polarity. When the coating is sprayed it is attracted to the metal surface and electronically bonds with it. This method is also called the “opposites attract principle”. Pieter de Lange developed one of the first commercially available, electrostatically applied, thermosetting powder coatings in 1961. Thermosetting plastic, also known as thermoset, is a polymer material that strengthens when heated and cannot be remolded or reheated after the initial baking process. Pieter de Lange also invented the electrostatic spray process in 1962. This process includes giving a negative charge to the object being painted and then grounding it. The paint is then given a...
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