Pow 2 Tying the Knots

Topics: Circle, Hardness, Loop Pages: 3 (445 words) Published: March 20, 2007
by wyjete
In a far far away land there lived a queen, for some unknown reason she only let people get married if

they took 6 strings held them in one hand and tied the ends together if they got one big circle then it

worked and they live happily ever after if not then they must weight 6 long months and try again.

I started out in disbelief on how big the problem was and how long it would it would take me but then i

realized that the top strings don't even matter because no matter how you start out its random and the

bottom ones haven't been tied. So now that i only had the bottom ones to work with it was a lot easer

to figure out. After screwing around for a wile i found only one way to get 3 circles

then i devised a plan to figure out witch ones i haven't used yet so i put numbers to each of the strings

then arranged them in different ways like this

1+4 2+3 5+6=no-2
1+4 2+6 5+3=1
1+4 2+5 6+3=1
1+5 2+3 4+6=1
1+5 2+4 3+6=1
1+5 2+6 3+4=no-2
1+6 2+3 4+5=1
1+6 2+5 4+3=no-2
1+6 2+4 5+3=1
1+2 3+4 5+6=no-3
1+2 3+5 4+6=no-2
1+2 3+6 4+5=no-2
1+3 2+4 5+6=no-2
1+3 2+5 4+6=1
1+3 2+6 5+4=1

side note i didn't test all of these there was no need ........... check my notes!!!

Total Outcomes: 15

you want to get 1 then your chances are good 8/15 chance of happening

if u wanted 2 then u have 6/15 chance of happening

and the loner one is 3 loops with only 1/15 chance of happening


Answer(they have a 8/15 chance of getting wed witch is a little over 50%) because 8 out of the 15

possible outcomes made one big loop.

They have a 1/15 chance to get 3 loops and a 6/15 chance of having one big loop and one small


this pow helped me cut corners and find tricks to making problems easer the problem wasn't that hard it

took me like an hour to figure out id give it a 5/10 on the hardness scale.
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