Pow 12 the Big Knight Switch

Topics: Chess, Chess piece, Problem solving Pages: 3 (707 words) Published: November 2, 2006
Problem Statement

Four knights, 2 white, and 2 black are sitting on a 3x3 chessboard. The knights were really bored, since they spent all of their time sitting on the chessboard doing nothing, so they decided to try switching places so that the white knights would end up where the black knights started our and the black knights would end up where the white knights started out. To do this, the knights had to follow the following rules:

-No two chess pieces can occupy the same square at the same time -Knights can jump or pass over each other on the way to an empty square -The knights can only move 2 squares up (or down, or left, or right) and 1 square to the left (or right, or up, or down.) The moving combinations must be 2 up or down and 1 to the left or right. Or, 2 to the left or right and 1 up or down. Example: They can't move 2 to the left and 1 to the left. They must always move in an "L" shape. -No two pieces can switch spots at the same time

-The knights can only move one at a time
-They must stay within the 9 squares of their 3x3 chessboard


To solve this POW I read over exactly what it was asking and what the rules to solving it were. The easiest method to solve it was by using "Draw-A-Picture." I started out with drawing a 3x3 square and marking the positions on the board where the 2 white and 2 black knights were. To keep track of which knight was which, I named the uppermost left black knight Henry, or "H", the uppermost right black knight Julio, or "J", the bottom left white knight Timmy, or "T", and the bottom right white knight Nacho, or "N." TO start out, I drew a 3x3 square and drew the initials of the place where each knight was supposed to be. When I moved one knight, I drew an arrow to the spot where I wanted the knight to go, and then showed the moved knight in the 3x3 square, along with another arrow showing a different knight moving. To keep track of the various moves that the knights took, for every new move the...
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