Poverty: A Way of Life

Pages: 6 (2404 words) Published: January 24, 2012
For some poverty is a way of life the day to day struggle of keeping food on the table and clothes on their back. For others it is something that is seen only on television, and even then it is not so easy to comprehend. This is usually the case with families who are well to do and money is not an issue. They may describe the characteristics of poverty as to not have certain materialistic items such as clothes, cars, accessories etc. However to someone living in those circumstances it may mean not having the basic necessities of life. What causes this to happen in society? How do people and families reach such a state of desperation? Well there are many reasons as to why this happens; poverty can be attributed to a changing society whereby the cost of living increases and the wages stay the same. It seems logical, if the income per household is lower than the standard of living it then places a family in a position of challenge to meet the needs of everyday life. 

Poverty, also known as the “silent killer,” which exists in every corner of the world. The death rate of poverty children is a staggering number; about 9 million children die each year. Some view poverty as people not being able to afford an occupational meal or having to skip a meal to save money. This isn’t true poverty; poverty is where people live on $1.25 or less a day. Living the life of poverty is like living on a rapid downward spinning spiral towards failure. If you were born into poverty there is a slim chance of you making a brighter future for yourself. In some countries, especially Africa, they have a law that states if you’re contagious then you can’t go to school. Most kids in poverty are chronically ill, therefore seldom going to get an education. The lack of education is a major difficulty for these children later in life.  What does it mean to be poor in America? There is no single description of American poverty. But for many, perhaps most, it means homes with inadequate heating, unstable plumbing, and uncertain electricity. It often means a home where some go to bed hungry and malnutrition is very frequent. For almost all the poverty stricken families it means that life is a constant struggle to obtain the merest necessities of existence, the things that most of us take for granted. We can do better than this; Poverty is prevalent throughout the world around us. We watch television and see famous people begging us to sponsor a child for only ten dollars a month. We think in our own minds that ten dollars is only pocket change, but to those children and their families, those ten dollars is a large portion of their annual income. We see images of starving children in faraway countries, and our hearts go out to them. But we really do not know the implications of poverty, why it exists, or even what we can do to help combat this giant problem in our world. 

Americans including myself do not want to hear is that our country is struggling to make currency. In some way, somehow your everyday life is impacted due to a major issue you are dealing with. The issue that affected me greatly in the past and is still contemporarily affecting me is definitely the unfortunate recession our economy is facing which caused havoc in my family, and almost permanently damaged my hopes in getting somewhere with my education. Unemployment rates are at the absolute lowest, oil pricing is jaw dropping; businesses are losing massive amounts of money on a day to day basis. The economy is causing complete pandemonium and affected the lives of my family and me greatly. According to President Barack Obama who claims to help us progress and get out of this economic slump “Money is not the only answer but it makes a difference.” For the most part I agree with President Obama’s statement, however, for my family and I money was crucial due to the recession and the unemployment rates dropping.  

 Poverty takes a toll on everyone; there was a point in my life where...
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