Poverty Thesis

Topics: Bertrand Russell, Ethics, Implied volatility Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: January 29, 2012
What is the purpose of volunteering and people offering their time and effort if all poverty is reliant on is money? There is more than one way to tackle a crisis to get the preferred end result. In The Singer Solution to World Poverty, bioethicist Peter Singer argues that “whatever money you spend on luxuries, not necessities, should be given away” to aid poverty. Although what Singer poses as a solution is an effective start to the situation at the hand, it is not the only way. While monetary charity helps, it does not cure the root causes of poverty. Therefore it is not necessary for people to give up all of their excess funds because we could also help through volunteering, donating supplies and physical items, and encouraging personal development.  All the different forms of charities, including monetary charity, are effective their own way. Thus, people should denote to assist the needy but in any form best suited for them. British philosopher Bertrand Russell describes life of selflessness as an “antithesis between self and the rest of the world” implied by the doctrine of self denial, which is no longer in being when there is a genuine interest of the person outside of themselves in The Happy Life. Such interest comes with a preference in which the person decides on how they want to engage in the state of affairs. However, there is not just one set way this person can help in order to live a morally selfless life. The options are endless and all are necessary to take place.
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