Poverty the Philippine

Topics: Poverty, Basic needs, Developed country Pages: 3 (485 words) Published: September 6, 2012
Subject:Moral issues and problem

Professor:Rev. Fr. Eugene Elivera

What is Poverty?
* POVERTY is deprivation, a lack of access to food, shelter and safe drinking water. * Is the state of condition of having or no money to buy goods and to provide services to satisfy ones basic needs. * A social scientist defines human poverty as the “denial of choices and opportunities for living a tolerable life”. Nature of Poverty

The Philippine is considered one of the richest countries in South East Asia because it is blessed with rich natural resources. Philippine rivers, lakes and seas teem with fish, shells, pearls, corals, seaweed and other forms of marine wealth.

According to the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports, the Philippine has a high literacy rate; but despise this. . . . Why does poverty still exist in our country?

The problem of poverty in the Philippines is so complex that there seems to be no single solution to solve this problem. Theory of Poverty
Dependence Theory - In developing society has been the result of a colonial socio-economic structure. This socio-economic structure is basically determined by the economic requirements of the highly industrial countries. The growing poverty of the underdeveloped countries is due to the forced incorporation of the economy of the developed countries.

Causes of Poverty
• Overpopulation
• Graft and Corruption
• Inadequate Education and Employment
• Environmental Degradation.

Effects of Poverty
Poverty as a deficiency in resources, has significantly hampered participation in events and relationship that give life meaning and consequently, has debilitating effect on the individuals and on society.

* Psychological effects of poverty
* Foods, health and shelter
* Big number of people in society is not a healthy sign and in effect virtually prevents development. * Effects in education
* Discrimination

Proposed Solutions
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