Poverty: Sociology and C. Avoiding Drugs

Topics: Sociology, Poverty, Household income in the United States Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: June 30, 2013
Discuss how social institutions contribute to the problem of poverty. Explain the various ways in which poverty affects the basic rights and needs of people, including the relationship between crime and poverty. Does one perpetuate the other? If so, how? structural functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism

1. How is the problem typically defined?
a. a state in which income is insufficient to provide the basic necessities of fodd, shelter, clothing, and med care.
b. the U.S census bureau determines poverty level by comparing income to a chosen threshold based on various qualifications within each family. the threshold is a dollar amount set by the bureau. 2.What are seen as typical causes?

a. drug abuse
b. women headed households
c. lacking education
3.What are usually seen as conditions associated with the social problem?
a. violence
b. torn families
c. gangs
d. drugs
e. mental states of no escape
f. alcohol
g. lower class/ minority
4.What are the typical consequences?
a. lower education for the next generation
b. starvation/ mal nutrition
c. physical abuse within the home
d. continued drug/ alcohol abuse
e. children joining gangs for acceptance

5.What are the preferred solutions? 
a. Being married before having children
b. Having solid incomes before starting a family
c. avoiding drugs and alcohol
d. staying in school
e. going to college
f. setting a good example for our chilren
6.What appear to be the strengths of this perspective?
a. Its not to say that men are need in a family to not be poor, but a mans income is needed.
b. Having a solid income and being married before starting a family will ensure continued success.
c. Avioding drugs and staying in school will build a solid foundation that will allow a good future without poverty. 7.What appear to be the weaknesses?
a. Minorities and lower class believe that they are preordained as poor and cannot escape it.
b. Children in...
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