Poverty, livelihood & Exclusion of Muslim Women

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Poverty, Livelihood And Exclusion Of Muslim Women In India

Abhiwaqti Trivedi
India is a multifaceted society where no generalization could apply to the nation’s various regional, religious, social and economic groups. Nevertheless certain broad circumstances in which Indian Muslim Women live affect the way they participate in the economy. A common denominator in their lives is that they are generally confined to home, with restricted mobility, and in seclusion. The present paper is trying to examine the variously present problems faced by Muslim women like unequal status, exclusion to participate in certain kind of activities, discrimination done to earn her living etc. They are neither opinion maker nor the decision maker. Paper aims to focus on the Muslim Women in Indian society and to look at the contribution of the legislature and the society in protecting their rights against this biased culture. It is required to liberate women from bondage and give her equal rights and recognize her individuality as a human being. This paper has attempted to answer the following research questions: 1. Why there is need to protect Muslim women?

2. What kind of discrimination is faced by Muslim women to earn her living? 3. How Muslim women are eliminated from the various facets of the society?

Sources relied upon are, Primary sources in the form of UN Charter and Conferences held on this issue and secondary sources in the form of Articles and books that have been used to answer the various research questions. The Method of writing of this project is Analytical as well as Descriptive.

The Indian society always had a distinctive social structure which has oppressed women in almost every sphere of life due to its denial of equal status to them. According to the 2001 census Muslim population in India is 138,188,240.1 They constitute 13.40% to the total population of the Country. Of the total Muslim population only 66,814,106 are females. The Sachar Committee report of 2006 was the first of its kind with reference to the Muslim community. It revealed the extreme deprivation of Muslims in India and the low status the community has been relegated to, coupled with other exclusionary situations of violence, insecurity, identity crisis, discrimination in the public sphere, suspicion from other communities, and being branded ‘unpatriotic’.2  Women constitute approximately half of the world’s population yet they are placed at various disadvantageous positions due to gender differences. They have been victim of violence, exploitation and discrimination. Throughout the world women are still relegated to second class status that makes them more vulnerable to abuse and less able to protect themselves from discrimination. History has evidences that woman have been regarded as the properties of men.3 Women have generally been subjected to stiffling oppression and stultifying suppression, resulting in their subordination throughout the history irrespective of socio-economic, demographic and religious differences. The inferior status assigned to women is a result of social evaluation of her biological activities of child bearing and child rearing as the only one’s appropriate to her which give fulfillment in life. The stereotypes are formed on the basis which becomes part of cultural tradition which validate and justify their inferior status and account for their dependency discrimination and degradation.4 Muslim women in India are potential catalyst for development. Their emancipation may be a crucial step in the development of...
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