Poverty is now more of threat than overpopulation to world development.

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Poverty is now more of threat than overpopulation to world development.

Poverty is the state of being extremely poor. It can hinder world development as countries in a deep economic state of poverty require aid/money from other countries, which takes away from their own development. Also when countries in poverty decide to borrow money from places like the IMF or World Bank, they come with conditions such as to cut spending on some of the countries own projects, which again slows down development.

Modernisation theorists say that overpopulation is an obstacle to development as it prevents developing countries from adopting western forms. Money is spend on food, rather than infrastructure and development.

Malthus states that populations increase in size at a much faster rate than the ability of those same populations to feed themselves. This causes limits on food supplies, leading to famine and war as people fight over scarce resources. In turn, this causes poverty. Ehrlich says that high birth rates of developing countries have led to population explosions. This is responsible for problems such as desertification and deforestation. He says “the birth rate must be brought into balance with the death rate, or mankind will breed itself into oblivion”, meaning that the population will grow so fast that resources will run scarce, leading to extreme poverty, then, in extreme cases, death. Overpopulation can be said to be caused by poverty, religion and culture. Harrison mentions that, in the Latin culture, the macho male wishes to prove his virility, not only to himself, but his wife and others. They do this by getting women pregnant a lot, meaning that the streets are full of children. Also, in Islamic and Catholic Religions, they are against contraception and family planning as children are gifts from God, and contraception may lead to promiscuity. Neo-Malthusian theorists have come up with solutions for overpopulation, these are: family planning, such...
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