Poverty and World Vision

Topics: Poverty, Malnutrition, Starvation Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: May 16, 2012
People and children living in absolute poverty have extreme difficulty surviving. Poverty at its worst involves hunger leading to starvation, inadequate shelter or housing, and lack of clothing. Absolute poverty is more common in third world countries but also exists in richer countries. In countries such as Africa, Asia, and South America poverty often affects the majority of the population. Richer countries have poor who are the minority and suffer relative poverty. As food prices rise worldwide it is helping to worsen global poverty. The economic downturn makes it harder for the richer countries to help reduce poverty. The current recession has also hit the poorer countries resulting in family remittances from overseas workers or migrant workers to fall. Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe are expected to be hit the hardest.

World hunger is an on-going problem in developing countries and rich countries. The World Health Organization estimates one-third of the world is well-fed, one-third is under-fed, and one-third is starving. Over 4 million people will die due to starvation. One in twelve people worldwide is malnourished. 160 million children under the age of 5 are malnourished and starving. 1.3 billion People live on $1 per day and 2 million people struggle to survive on $2 a day. In the United States, One out of every 8 children under twelve goes to bed hungry every night. To satisfy the world’s sanitation and food requirement it would only cost $13 billion US. People in U.S. and Europe combined spend $13 billion on perfume each year. In the U.S. hunger and race are related, 46% of African-Americans were chronically hungry, 40% of Latinos were chronically hungry, and only %16 of white people were hungry. It is estimated that 800 million people worldwide suffer from hunger and malnutrition, 100 times as many that actually die from it each year.

Poverty creates the health of people to be poor because people are forced to...
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