poverty and wealth

Topics: Poverty, Dropout, Wealth Pages: 4 (928 words) Published: September 17, 2014
Eduardo Arvizu
Christina McGee
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September 15, 2014
Poverty and Wealth: The Ugliness in its Entirety
There is a distinguishable difference in today’s society with the rich and the poor, especially with children between infantry and young adulthood. Of course, there will be differences in their lifestyles after the age of 18, but usually the psychological character of a person is developed in their childhood. Three categories that can be separated between the rich and the poor are the different lifestyles from marriage, materialistic pleasures, and the development of an individual character. Another category is the different education received from a rich child to a poor child usually being that the poor child will not be at the same level of academics as the rich child. The last category is the cruel difference in law enforcement and how a rich individual can be treated/freed a lot easier than a poor individual.

People who have the capabilities to have huge mansions, fancy cars, and astonishing parties are most likely to be very rich. Those people are the ones who buy things with no purpose to them, they buy it because they thought they needed it but in reality they are just accumulation useless stuff. Tracy Chapman herself said “sweet lazy life, champagne and caviar… consume more than you need” Tray chapman- Mountain O’ Things she says what she thinks it would be like to be rich and others think it is different from that. The poor people on the other hand are barely able to afford the things they need to survive like food, shelter, and a working plumbing system. Another thing that rich people can do is throw huge private weddings where millions are spent on having that perfect day with that perfect person to spend the rest of your life with, along with a very expensive wedding gown and a professionally tailored suit you can expect only the richest to be able to afford that type of lifestyle, Edwin Robinson in Richard Cory...

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