Poverty and Studies Homeless Children

Topics: Poverty, Childhood, Poverty in the United States Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: October 8, 1999
By: dana
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Most Americans are insulted from the poor; it is hard to imagine the challenges of poverty, the daily fears of victimization, the frustration of not being able to provide for a child. Poverty is something that not only effects adults, but children as well. When we think of poverty in America what is the image that comes to mind? An old dilapidated shack in southern Alabama? or a rat infested tenement house in New York City? According to the book Faces of Poverty, the author, Jill Berrick says that "Both images are correct, for poverty exists in the backwoods of Appalachia as well as in the heart of the inner city" (1). In homes across America poor parents are raising poor children. Even in our own back yard we are faced with poverty. "In Palm Beach County, more than 50 percent of single parents who have children under the age of 5 are living in poverty" (Hammersley). In the book Homeless Families In America, Jonathan Kozol focuses on four important issues of poor children under six: Who they are, where they live, why they are poor, and the risks poor children face. The information presented pertains to children who live in houses and apartments because this is the population founded by household surveys. "According to three national studies homeless children aged 16 and under, somewhere 41,000 and 106,000 children are literally homeless at any given time" (36). Homeless meaning they live in shelters, churches, or public places with no permanent residence. "Between 39,000- 296,000 are precariously housed, meaning they live with either relatives or doubled up with friends" (38). Why are poor families with young children poor? It is believed that children are poor because their parents are poor. Child poverty can only be reduced by attacking the multiple causes of family poverty. "Children under the age of six with single mothers are much more likely to be poor than those living with two parents" (Kozol 52). Part of this...
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