Poverty and Rural Women

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Is DWCRA’s role really Emancipating Rural Women??:
Is DWCRA’s role really Emancipating Rural Women?? A case Study Presentation

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Development of women and children in Rural Areas (DWCRA) was launched as a sub scheme of IRDP(Integrated Rural Development Programme) during the year 1982-83. •IRDP was found to be not making much impact as expected on rural women. •So, DWCRA with exclusive focus on economic empowerment of women provides all these inputs by considering women as critical to development •DWCRA was introduced for ensuring that the benefits of IRDP reach to women directly. The programme seeks to improve the access of rural women to health, education, safe drinking water, sanitation, nutrition etc. thereby bringing about an enhancement in the quality of general well-being of women & children. About DWCRA

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The primary objective of the scheme is to focus attention on the women members of rural families below the poverty line to provide them the opportunities of self-employment on a sustained basis. •To improve the quality of life of women and children.

To provide an opportunity for income generating activities for individual through a group of women by building the existing skills and occupations , utilization of locally available resources and providing suitable marketing facilities, and • To provide the market for the handcrafts products and un-organised FMCG products. •To involve rural women to understand the importance of the hygienic products in the markets by providing sample sachets, instalment buying of household goods etc. OBJECTIVES

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Strategy and Functioning
The administrative set-up of DWCRA involved five levels - village, block, district, state and national levels. •At the village level, self-help groups (SHGs) popularly known as DWCRA groups were formed. A group of 10-15 women used to form into groups with their collective strengths and start income generating activities and self-fulfilling opportunities. •A group leader and Grama Sevika co-ordinates the group in various activities. •Initially DWCRA --- motto of “Save a Rupee per Day”. •DWCRA program was funded by both the central and the state governments in the ratio of 75:25 respectively. •In addition, every DWCRA group could avail of a revolving fund of Rs 15,000 to meet its capital expenditure such as purchase of machinery.

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Present Scenario in A.P
For political benefits DWCRA has been integrated under the roof of various schemes with VELUGU of former Government to IKP(Indira Kranthi Pathakam) of present government. •Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) is implementing IKP now. • There are 1,14,12,578 members in 10,27,930 SHGs exclusively for women. A total of 38,646 Village Organizations (VOs), 1098 Mandal Samakhyas (MSs) and 22 Zilla Samakhyas have come into existence in 22 districts. As on today, the total Savings and Corpus of SHG Members are Rs.3600.02 Crores and Rs.5333.48 crores respectively . •Four rounds of training takes place so that a woman gets aware of the beneficiaries and actively participate in the program.

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Income Generating Activities
Out of many Income generating activities the following are the most productive activities: 1.Dairy Development - Milk Animals
2.Poultry Development
3.Value addition to milk and its products
4.Pickles Manufacturing and other household consumption items 5.Agarbathi Manufacturing
6.Tailoring and Readymade Garments
7.Adda leaf plate making
8.Bakery, Flour Mill, Papad making
9.Handloom sector
10.Restaurant, Super bazaars etc.
11.Drying technology for fruits, vegetables, fish, prawns etc.

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Marketing the Products
Product: The home-made and hand made products form the unorganized products in contrast to the branded corporate products. These are...
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