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By keimilktea Jan 25, 2014 677 Words
Chung, Keimil Leanne Y.
EH2 (03178)

Poverty in the Philippines

Poverty in the Philippines has not improved in the past 6 years. Olchondra (2013) stated: “Economic growth over the past six years hardly made a dent in poverty incidence in the Philippines, as the percentage of Filipinos living below the poverty line remained practically the same between 2006 and 2012, official statistics showed.” (2013). This problem can be solved by looking at how other countries solved it. It can be solved by education, anti-poverty program and expansion of transportation infrastructure.

In our country, poverty has been a major problem. According to Olchondra (2013), poverty was caused and was expected to be higher in the year 2012 because of the country’s growing population. The more children a parent has, the more it makes them poor because they have to sustain the lives of their offspring. Another cause of poverty is the inadequate educational system our country has. Since we lack educational system, citizens from our country are not aware of the things they should learn. Lastly, poverty is caused by unemployment. Poverty produces uneducated citizens, thus making them unemployed.

Poverty has plenty of effects to the Philippines. One of these effects is corruption, which is, another major problem in our country. Government officials usually use the tax we pay and take it like it’s their own. Poverty can and will produce uneducated citizens, which can lead to unemployment or powerless victims who are not aware of what they should learn. Lastly, high amount of taxes are paid due to poverty. People who do not suffer from poverty pay a high amount of tax to help those in need.

By looking at how other countries solved poverty, we can see how they did it and maybe, get rid of poverty in our country too. Anti-poverty program brings hope to Taiwan’s unpriviledged. (Chang, 2011). Like some people, these Taiwanese have the ability to start or run a business but their problem is not having sufficient funds or the opportunity to get started. The anti-poverty program lends money to the poor and after several years, they can pay back after earning enough funds. Education was Korea’s way in getting rid of poverty. According to Johnson (2010), “These women send their children to schools and teach them at home about social responsibilities and rights, which leads them to fight poverty and after obstacles. Getting educated is the most effective and in fact, the only way to get rid of poverty.” One of China’s ways to get rid of poverty was to expand the transportation infrastructure, since roads are essential for economic development. Chinese government has given high priority for the construction of high quality roads & railways connecting industrial centers to coastal provinces. In my opinion, the solutions to this problem can work because if it worked in our countries, it could probably work here in our country too. These are the best practices that have worked in the top list of the most progressive countries that do not suffer from poverty. If Filipinos will be disciplined and determined, if everyone cooperates, we can get rid of poverty.

If we stop poverty, many lives can and will be saved. It destroys people’s dreams, so we should stop it. By doing such, the government should not be the only one working and this. We, the citizens, should try our best and hardest too, to get rid of poverty.

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