Poultry Business in Pakistan

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Poultry farming in Pakistan


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Introduction [pic]

Poultry Farming describes that Poultry science is the study of principles and practices involved in the production and marketing of poultry and its products. Poultry farming is raising chickens, turkeys, ducks and other fowl for meat or eggs. Poultry farms can be: 1. Breeding farms where they raise poultry for meat,

2. Layer farms where they produce eggs.


The poultry production commenced in Pakistan in 1963. Poultry as on a commercial scale in the private sector started due to pioneering effect made by PIA (Pakistan International Airline) in 1965, when the first modern hatchery unit in Karachi was established. Later on, the investments have taken keen interest in this sector, as was result of which substantial development has taken place towards expansion of this industry. The commercial poultry farming emerged through the combined efforts and foresight of the government and the private enterprises. Now commercial poultry production is concentrated around the large urban centers in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab and initially at Karachi, Lahore with the passage of time, it is now fairly well spread all over the country. Hen birds were mostly maintained in the backyard of the houses in villages on a small scale, with very little investment by the villagers in terms of money and material. The return on those birds was too little, and there was hardly any attraction for investments to operate the same on large scales.

Poultry states in Pakistan

Poultry produced in Pakistan is being developed through two management systems i.e. commercial farming and rural poultry farming. The commercial poultry farming sector is a classic example of private sector enterprise with a phenomenal growth of 20 to 25 % per annum. The achievement of this rapid growth was made to the incentives granted by the government time by time through income tax, liberal financing etc. In the provinces of Sindh, there are farms in Mirpurkhas, Sukhar, and Nawabshah as well as in small cities. Similarly, in the province of the Punjab, poultry farms have been well established in the areas of Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, Lahore, Bhawalpur, Rahimyar Khan, and Mianwali. Now the large scale investment and proper incentives have resulted in the establishment of infrastructure comprising of 252 hatcheries with capacity to produce 346 million day- old chicks per annum, 141 feed mills with the capacity to produce 2540 thousand tons of compounds feed per annum and 13154 poultry farms with the capacity to produce 98 million broilers. The present total poultry population is estimated to be 319 million, out of which 137 million is rural (44%), 160 million broilers (50%), 17 million layers(5%)and 5 million breeding (2%) stock annually. [pic]

Weight vs. production

A laying bird produces an average of 250 eggs per year and the average live weight of the broiler is recommended as 1200 grams ( or 1.2 kg), at 8 weeks of age. Pakistan produces 6.5 thousand million eggs and 340 thousand tones poultry meat. The consumption of poultry feed increased with their ages. It reached its peak (135g/bird/ day) at 25 weeks age. Then it declined slightly reaching 124g / bird/ day at 33 weeks of age. There are also some local breeds, which are highly productive and are more adaptive to the local conditions. These important poultry breeds of fowls are cross bred with each other to produce. The product is concentrated around the large urban centers in the provinces of Sindh, Punjab and NWFP. The majority of such farmers are...
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