Topics: Middle Ages, Footwear, Islamic Golden Age Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Middle Ages

The Poulaines

This article was invented in the Middle Ages. It was a long toed shoes called poulaines, very pointed toes stuffed with wool or hay. This style of fashion footwear lasted over three hundred years before it was legislated against. This pointed shoe was introduced by the soldiers of the Crusades to Europe from the Middle East. The oriental style pointed slipper became so popular for men and women. ‘’As fashionable dressers began to extand the style, the points on their shoes grew longer and longer.’’ Young bucks started to stuff wool and moss in the extensions to hold up the long ends. Their popularity unopposed, it was an exaggeration of fashion. The ones that were able to use this kind of footwear was the wealthy leisure class. The appearance of the poulaines was perhaps less by chance and more to do with and undercurrent belief in the worship of Phallus. Also many conservative, or those who emphasize traditional institutions and resist changes. The church considered the new fashion disgraceful because it was preventing the men from praying because of the lenght. The legislation of England by Edward III prohibided to all who did not have an income of 40 pounds a year. He input a law that for a plain commoner, he was able to use not more than six inches long, twelve inches for a landowner and twenty four inches for a baron and princes could wear them as long they wanted. The shoes became slightly more conservative, but long, pointed toes remained fashionable for wealthy young men into the 1480s.


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