Potty Training

Topics: Toilet, Toilets, Defecation Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Potty training is a problem that a lot of parents struggle with. I have two children of my own, my oldest is six years old, and my youngest is two and a half years old. They are VERY different, especially during our potty training fiasco. My oldest just went along with the training when he was two, but our youngest is very stubborn! He attends Early Head Start, and we are working with them on this situation also. We bring a backpack full of underwear and elastic pants every day, but still no luck. Now I know that when he is ready it will happen, but when he is home, he doesn’t really have any accidents. In the beginning we let him run around in the nude to get used to it and it worked out well. But I do not think that was very smart of us, because obviously he is not able to do that in public, so we started putting underwear on him a few weeks ago and he will go potty in the toilet, and about five minutes later in his underwear! Today has been successful, we have only gone through two pairs of underwear, we even left the house and when we returned, he was dry! But not for long, he pooped in the underwear! GROSS!!! I have researched numerous places, and I found there are five sighs that determine your child is ready for toilet training. Can you child follow simple directions? Can you child sit and play for at least five minutes? Does your child signal (grunt, pull at diaper, facial expressions, etc.) before bowel or wetting incidents? Does your child seem interested in using the toilet? And are there any major family stressors (moving, new baby) that might interfere with toilet training? I can answer yes to all of these questions. Now I know that the last question should ideally be no, but we just moved about a month ago, which could explain a setback. Another thing I have found while researching is to rewarding the child when he goes potty in the potty might entice him to go to the toilet more. So we tried mini marshmallows, M&Ms, suckers....
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