Potted Strawberry: Planting Methods

Topics: Plant morphology, Agriculture, Fruit Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Potted strawberry planting methods
A, choose basin, soil and varieties. Potted with basin choice diameter mouth in the 20-30 centimeters of ceramic bowl advisable. Basin soil choose humus content higher soil. The four varieties of Europe JiGong, changhong 2, 83-38 etc excellent four seasons strawberry variety pot for good. Many times throughout the year can blossom and bear fruit. Second, the cultivation technology. Potted time all the year round all but. But in the garden on the seedling basin, the best in the fall for. Choose strong seedling, the seedling to take soil, the removing of the LaoCan leaf, the seedling root shear leave 10 centimeters or so. Let the root stretch planted into the basin in the soil. Planting depth with dew root, not buried heart for the principle. Soil according to real, fixed miao position, make the soil surface and PenKou keep 3-4 cm distance. Planted post-cast permeable, place the shade 3-5 days, then moved to the light is enough place. Three, and water management. The four seasons strawberry 1 year many flowering results, nutrient consumption, must strengthen the nutrient supplement. Available hoofs, fishbone, poultry visceral, oil cake, etc., adding water rotten fermentation, made retting liquid fertilizer topdressing or compound fertilizer. General every week according to a. Outdoor potted, every morning and evening watering every one. Watering, should advance notice of the sun warming water reoccupy, avoid by all means is directly in well water or water irrigation. Four, nursery stock management. Potted strawberry plant management should be strengthened. One is a timely budding, hydrophobic picking leaf, remove stolons. The invalid high-level flower in bud dispersed phase in addition to adequate drainage. Remove older leaves, bits of leaves, disease leaves and redundant stolons, in order to reduce nutrient consumption, improve fruit quality. The second is frame fruit shape. Use wire or bamboo stick into different shapes of the...
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