Potential of Solar-Wind Power Generation System on High-Rise Buildings in Malaysia

Topics: Wind power, Photovoltaics, Renewable energy Pages: 17 (5799 words) Published: May 21, 2012
1.0 Abstract
Energy efficiency of a building is becoming an important factor in the new era of building design. GBI Malaysia is developed by PAM and ACEM to drive the Malaysian property industry towards becoming more environment-friendly. Hence, incorporation of renewable energy as part of building design directs the development of the building towards being more environmental-friendly and achieve GBI rating. This study is to study the potential of incorporation of solar power and wind power generation on high rise building in Malaysia. Malaysia being located at the equator having abundance of solar energy all year round is ideal for application of solar power generation but with the low wind speed on the ground, wind power generation may not be suitable. However, a good building design to enhance the wind flow and utilizing the height of a high rise building might create an opportunity for wind power generation to further boost the energy efficiency of the building. Justification of various types of available solar and wind power generation and several possible building designs to enhance and optimize the power output is also reviewed. A good utilization of solar and wind power generation on a high rise building will reduce the total energy usage and be in path towards conserving the environment. Keywords: Sustainable design, renewable energy, high rise building, Malaysia, solar power, wind power. 2.0 Introduction

Development and adoption of reliable sources of renewable energy nowadays has become a major challenge to the most part of the world. Malaysia, not being exempted, faces many challenges in the era of globalisation on it quest to achieved developed nation status. Sustainable development of the energy sector is a potential factor to maintain economic competitiveness and progress. The world oil crisis in 1970s and the soaring high prices of oil in 2008, powerfully illustrated that the concerns over the energy resources which exposed the vulnerability of the energy supply and the over dependence on oil as a fuel for energy. This conditions lead to the necessity for the diversification of energy resources. Wind energy growth in Asia is on the rise. The Asian region is set to be the most dynamic geographical zone with a growth rate of 48 %. In Malaysia, wind energy conversion (WES) and solar energy is a serious consideration. The potential for wind and solar energy generation in Malaysia depends on the availability of the wind and solar resources that varies with location. Wind energy is considered a green power technology because it has only minor impact on the environment. Wind energy plans produce no air pollutant or greenhouse gasses. It has become more and more common having vast solar panels installed on the roofs of many high-rise buildings in cities. However, solar energy is not always abundant in certain months of the year in many parts of the world, and there is no solar power available after the sun sets. A hybrid use of solar and wind energies for electric power generation thus presents unique advantages for generating electricity for those buildings in urban environment, because these energy sources are mutually complement as people say : “ when the sun is not shinning, the wind blows.” To harness wind energy, one needs to design and construct wind power stations, which normally include a wind turbine, a converter and an energy storage system. Wind turbines for electric power generations are normally large in size, and they are installed in remote high elevations.

2.1 Importance of Renewable energy
The global search and the rise in the cost of conventional fossil fuel is making supply-demand of electricity product almost impossible especially in some remote areas. Generators which are often used as an alternative to conventional power supply systems are known to be run only during certain hours of the day, and the cost of fueling them is increasingly becoming difficult if they are to be used for...

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