Potato Osmosis Report

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Potato osmosis report

The purpose of the liberation
Liberation is to understand what is happening with the potatoes when it is in the water. To find out how osmosis takes place and what it's purpose as well as other examples of osmosis. The experiment is to understand what is happening with the potatoes when they are in the water and understand the osmosis process occurs. Osmosis

Background facts
Osmosis comes from the Greek "[-mo: ´ s] (new latin osmo ´ sis, Greek ōsmo ´ 's ' shock (spirit) ', ' urgent ') "[1] It involves the transport of solvent, between two different phases with different concentrations of solutes and in which phases are separated by a membrane that only release by solvent the substance's molecules. This membrane called semipermeable and consists in the laboratory usually of polymer materials. The membranes found in living cells, are all semipermeable. Water and other small uncharged battery particles released through, while ions and other large molecules must be transported via special pumps or channels. Hypothesis

Osmosis is water diffusion through half a release through membrane. osmosis strives to equalize the differences in the concentration of the solution on each side of the membrane. The water moves from the side where the water concentration is greater to the side where there is less water. In this experiment, the potatoes surrounded by multiple solutions. What should happen is when the water that surrounds the potatoes have a higher concentration than the potatoes that make the water penetrate through the cell membrane and into the potato cell that increases the density and size. Weight change occurs through osmosis. However, I believe that the time is so short that the outcome is a serious defect in other words not suitable for scientific, accurate analysis of osmosis. Materials and method

Materials list:
 Access to water
 Access to household salt
 8 pieces 100cl cylinders
 1...

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Internet: http: www.ne.se
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Books: science lessons 1b 2012 Liber p. 41
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Potatis osmosrapporten
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