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Potato Osmosis Report

By Clayworth Jan 09, 2013 1043 Words
Potato osmosis report

The purpose of the liberation
Liberation is to understand what is happening with the potatoes when it is in the water. To find out how osmosis takes place and what it's purpose as well as other examples of osmosis. The experiment is to understand what is happening with the potatoes when they are in the water and understand the osmosis process occurs. Osmosis

Background facts
Osmosis comes from the Greek "[-mo: ´ s] (new latin osmo ´ sis, Greek ōsmo ´ 's ' shock (spirit) ', ' urgent ') "[1] It involves the transport of solvent, between two different phases with different concentrations of solutes and in which phases are separated by a membrane that only release by solvent the substance's molecules. This membrane called semipermeable and consists in the laboratory usually of polymer materials. The membranes found in living cells, are all semipermeable. Water and other small uncharged battery particles released through, while ions and other large molecules must be transported via special pumps or channels. Hypothesis

Osmosis is water diffusion through half a release through membrane. osmosis strives to equalize the differences in the concentration of the solution on each side of the membrane. The water moves from the side where the water concentration is greater to the side where there is less water. In this experiment, the potatoes surrounded by multiple solutions. What should happen is when the water that surrounds the potatoes have a higher concentration than the potatoes that make the water penetrate through the cell membrane and into the potato cell that increases the density and size. Weight change occurs through osmosis. However, I believe that the time is so short that the outcome is a serious defect in other words not suitable for scientific, accurate analysis of osmosis. Materials and method

Materials list:
 Access to water
 Access to household salt
 8 pieces 100cl cylinders
 1 knife
 In the cutting board
 2 pieces peeled potatoes
 1 wave
 In the spoon
 The potato shaver
 1 tweezers
First, we filled all 8 pieces salvager with 100 ml of water before we did this barrage with salt counted of volume in percent. With a knife, so we cut out 3 paragraphs 1x33 centimeters square Prism. We used a vegetable peeler to slice the potatoes. We sliced into more pieces approximately 1-3 millimeters thick boards with a 3cm2 area. We la potatoes until aside while we raised the cylinders by 0%, 0%, 2%, 4%, 8% salt. In total there were 12 paragraphs discs a selected and selected, two in each cylinder. We weighed since the potatoes until before they placed in the water with a tweezers. We waited 30 minutes before we raised the and measured and weighed them again. RESULTS

12 pieces of potato slices 1 mm thick, height 3 cm, width 1 cm. it is two discs in each mixture. See below:
Mix(Cylinder)| Size| Size (after)| Change| Mass| Mass(after)| Change| Density| Density(after)| 8%| 3 cm2| ?| ?| 0, 40g| 0,40| 0,00| ?| ?|
4%| 3 cm2| ?| ?| 0, 50 g| 0,54| 0.40| ?| ?|
2%| 3 cm2| ?| ?| 0, 60g| 0,82| 0,22| ?| ?|
1%| 3 cm2| ?| ?| 0, 40g| 0,52| 0,12| ?| ?|
0,5%| 3 cm2| ?| ?| 0, 20 g| 0.34| 0,14| ?| ?|
0%| 3 cm2| ?| ?| 0, 50 g| 0,70| 0.30| ?| ?|
| | | | | | | | |
Not selected
Mix (Cylinder)| Mass| Mass|
0,8| 0, 4 g| 0,40|
0,4| 0, 5 g| 0,67|
0,2| 0, 2 g| 0,33|
0,1| 0, 4 g| 0,46|
0,05| 0, 3 g| 0,44|
0| 0, 6 g| 0.83|
| | |
In all the mixtures below 8% in the mixture so the mass of each potato growing. Size change was not documented nor density before and after. Explanation
The reasons for the increased weight of potato discs are either osmosis or the fact that they have become wet from the water, hydrogen on the discs increases its weight. Discussion
What is osmosis, is answered. The question of where osmosis happened with potatoes or is not rejected as sources of error and other composting has compromised its correctness. The question of time is confirmed when it showed minimal results. Theory and backgrounds fact were confirmed as the experiment showed minimal osmosis. Why "there was that it was" because of osmosis which was created by endosymbiosis theory[2] which led to eukaryotic cell development. Sources of Error

During the execution of experimental committed several serious errors. (La not potato records at the same time, measurement error, mantel, vaguely, took up their simultaneously) (?) In the table =/are missing facts no villa to take that into account. Improvements

The possible improvements or changes are many. With a more precise execution of the experiment so would everything become better. A cutter would have changed the bad sliced bits. An improvement on this report would be a more optimistic approach but could subscribe his phone to someone when everyone knows what that is. Redo the experiment, and eliminate sources of errors. Conclusion

They drizzly potatoes discs in salt water had all become more flexible, their appearance had changed slightly from what they looked like at the start. It appears to have withered and become more flexible. What happened was a process called osmosis, the potatoes are eukaryotic cells, each cell is surrounded by a plant cell membranes. It keeps the cell nucleus and the important on site while keeping other things outside to protect the cell. This membrane will stop most, but water can pass through it. Where water tends to go towards the higher concentration of dissolved chemicals. This means that if the water outside the cell are salty than the water inside, will the water move to the inside of the cell. The opposite of this. General

The sources cannot be wrong because it is State controlled, nor the book then an error would result in its bankruptcy. References
Trick materials
Internet: http:
Printed materials
Books: science lessons 1b 2012 Liber p. 41
Teacher: ss contact: ss

[1] The National Encyklopedins network version Date: 2012-11-07 00: 11: 25 [2] the National Encyklopedins network version date: 2012/11/16 At 21: 58

Potatis osmosrapporten

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