Potato Battery

Topics: Tomato, Incandescent light bulb, Dietary fiber, Lighting, Sun, Energy / Pages: 2 (338 words) / Published: Jul 31st, 2012
Currently, the Philippines is facing power crisis. Through the use of various technologies including such unconventional resources as wind and solar energy they were able to supply power to cities and towns. But civilizing rural places reduces the sources of power. The more houses are good but the more they have, the more electricity is consumed. Now, consuming too much energy affects the expenses of the government though there are a lot of sources of energy in the Philippines.
A power crisis results to shutting down factories and small businesses. Also homes in metro centers would have to endure brownouts that lasted for as long as ten hours a day due to the big insufficiency supply. Even large companies had to reduce working hours, or worse, shut down temporarily, despite their purchase of their own generator sets. Having known this situation, it is really needed for alternative and other sources of power that we could use in the coming times.

A. Background of the Study The researcher, as one of the consumers of the electricity, also experiences the power crisis. Due to different factors that results to sudden brownouts especially those in the province, the researcher came up with the study entitled “Potato Battery”.
Two new sources are fruits and vegetables. These are organic and can easily be bought at farms and markets. One of these is the use of potato but not all fruits and vegetables are usable. Potato had been considered due to it’s high content of phosphoric acid. B. Statement of the problem
This study basically aims to find out whether a potato could be able to produce enough power to light up a bulb. And if it does, how many potatoes would be needed in order to do so. C. Scope and Limitations
This study aimed to answer the following questions; 1. Will the potato be able to generate power that could light up an LED bulb? 2. How many potatoes would be needed in order to make an LED bulb

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