Postion Advancement

Topics: Discrimination, United States, Law of the United States Pages: 3 (1891 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Position Advancement and Diversity
Chamberlain College of Nursing
SOCS 350: Culture and Diversity in Professions
Spring B, 2014
Maria is a hardworking, dedicated employee who has recently been passed up for a promotion opportunity at her place of occupation. Maria states that she feels discrimination played a key role in the decision to choose a different individual for the position. Maria states she is the only woman and only ethnically diverse individual who also has a different accent than her workplace peers. Even though she has less than perfect evaluations, Maria states that the evaluations are further proof of the discriminating practices at the company in which she is employed. The company’s response to the allegation of discrimination is that the other male individual selected had superior and enhanced qualifications for the position and that discrimination played no role in the supervisor’s decision making process. The company stated that Maria has a “loud and aggressive” manner in her interactions with peers and superiors, and the company feared that this characteristic would not transpire well with the company’s clients. Furthermore, her accent was an issue for the company since the position required clear communication. Finally, the last statement made by the company was Maria’s attendance record. There have been past offenses of attendance and tardiness by Maria. Although Maria did have an explanation for the incidences, the company took the tardy and absences into consideration for the promoted position. Before making a decision as to if discrimination did indeed play a role in the decision making process for this position, I must first educate myself further on the complaints stated. In this paper I will address the occurrences of discrimination in the American workplace as they have occurred throughout history and looking into passed legislation. I will also breakdown and explore each of the offensives against Maria that have been stated...

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