Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Topics: Posttraumatic stress disorder, Psychological trauma, Complex post-traumatic stress disorder Pages: 4 (1497 words) Published: December 14, 2010
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about PTSD
Thesis Statement: We hear about it in the news, papers, and small town chatter; be we don’t really understand what it is. It affects the victims mind, body, and people around them; I want to inform you all about this disorder, and what it does. INTRO

1. I am going to say a word and just think about what pops into your head, what do you associate it with? PTSD. A. How about anger, irritability and emotional detachment? 1. Anger, unexplained irritability, and emotional detachment are the most common traits of PTSD. 2. These are common because of the high level of stress that is put on the suffering person. B. I wanted to talk to you all today about PTSD because it is a part of my life, and talking about it helps myself and others better understand and cope with it. 3. Having been in the marines for five years now, and two deployments later, I have noticed a lot of changes in me both physically and mentally. 4. Many changes are very good ones that I welcome with open arms, like being in good shape and perspective on life. However, others I wish whole heartedly I could undo. C. PTSD is a disorder that is shrouded in misconceptions. According to Webster the definition is a type of anxiety disorder that's triggered by a traumatic event. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be brought on if you experience or witness an event that causes intense fear, helplessness or horror. It is my wish that you all leave here today with a better understanding of it. BODY #1

2. I have told you all what effects PTSD has, but here is a new question. What causes the disorder? D. Many people think that is only something you get from being in the military and war, the truth is any severely stressful or traumatic situation can trigger this illness. 5. Ever notice how some people are never quite the same...
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