Post Purchase Evalutation

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Post Purchase Evaluation
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After purchasing a product a consumer goes through many steps to evaluate whether or not they made a good purchase. They will research the product that was purchase and make sure that it was up to their standards. They will avoid finding negative information about their product. In the end the consumer may decide to take the purchase back all together due to thinking it overall was not a good purchase.

When making the decision to purchase a product the consumer may go through cognitive dissonance. Which is inner tension on feels after noticing a change in their behavior or values.

I have experienced cognitive dissonance one time in my life. I purchased a video game system. After purchasing the product I heard from my peers that the game system had poor graphics and overall bad quality. After hearing this I returned the purchase and bought a new game system that had better graphics and overall better quality.

I feel like there are several products that consumers may feel like they will experience cognitive dissonance over. For example, engagement rings, the consumer will feel all kind of tension of the product. They may worry that it is not the best or that their whole plan may not be right. Another example is cars. Consumers may worry about if they purchased the right type of car or if their car can be well maintained.

To reduce cognitive dissonance marketers can advertise their products to show how it is better in comparison to other products. The consumer can research the product they plan to purchase and find the benefits and negatives of the product.
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