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Topics: Film, Post-production, Horror film Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: April 7, 2005
This was the first time i have actually ever seen any of the Lord of The Rings flicks. I really thought the movie was great, especially watching it from a Post-Production stand point. Seeing the Post Production extras was great. I really enjoyed the part where they showed you what they had to compensate for. Such as the sounds of an elephant and the way the tower fell. They said they had to be sensitive to the viewers so that they wouldnt offend them. As an audio person I really never think of offending people since much music is based on free expression. As a post production engineer you have to think of these things. It was really weird how the crew editted all the audio and put audio to a movie that wasn't fully complete with all shots / video edits being completed after. So on some of the parts of the movie a due card would appear seeing scene hear. I found that stuff really interesting / difficult for the crew to work with. I also found it interesting on how they did the sound and scores for the Giant Spider(shelob) scene. They wanted it to be a throwback to old skool horror films so they made the orhestra sound more electronic. I also thought it was cool how they blended different sounds from people screeching to lions roaring and messed with them to give the apparition of another sound. One thing they mentioned was how all the production teams within the project would meet with each other at the end of every day to review what they have done , what has to be done, and where exactly they are going. The Post-Production team in the movie looked like they had a lot of fun inventing and coming up with sounds for the movie. It definitely made me want to look into jobs in the Post Production world and it definitely made me look forward to the knowledge that can be gained in this class.
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