Post Classical Europe, Muslim World and China

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Ruslan Khamurzov World Civilizations 1 November 30, 2005

Post-Classical Europe, Muslim World and China.

The period following the decline of great classical empires of Asia and Mediterranean is known as the post-classical period (500-1000 CE). This period is famous for the expansion of civilizations to new areas, spread of major world religions such as Islam and the decline of the Western world. While Europe was in a period of a decline, the Muslim world was on the rise and the Eastern world followed a time of instability and great reformation. The following paragraphs will discuss the political, ~.

economic, cultural and social organizations that existed during the post-classical period in the regions of Europe, Islamic empire and China. The post-classical period in the Western world or Europe is referred to as the Middle Ages, and sometimes called as the Dark Ages. During this period of time Europe was great decline, recovering c.•-dJi..{

from the fall of the Roman Empire. Europe lagged behind over civilizations in terms of its economy, technological development, and learning. The political structure of Europe was in chaos and great instability. Although the were kingdoms established, the most common political organization was local, known as manorialism. It


was a system designed to communal agricultural activity, featuring surfs, who farmed land belonging to the lord in return for protection. Surfs were also required to pay a portion of their produce to their

lords. Serfs often retained ownership of their houses and could pass property from one generation to another. Agriculture was the main influence on European economy. Even through there was less trade compared to civilizations of Middle East and China, Europeans increased productivity of crops that led to urbanization and specialized commerce. Farmers made use of new technologies such as iron plows. Banks were established in Italy and Germany, which helped the trading activities...
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