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Topics: AdWords, Click fraud, Yahoo! Search Marketing Pages: 5 (1687 words) Published: October 24, 2014
Executive summary |
Campaign overview The AdWords campaign for Clinica Bonadonna lasted 28 days (May 13- June 9) and cost $250.01 dollars. The major goal of the following campaign was to generate brand awareness and increase market share, even tough this was difficult to measure because we don’t have a way of knowing how many people has called to the company to ask for information or for an appointment, neither how many clients had asked their insurance company about us. We created 2 campaigns: “Alternativas para el cancer” and “Vence el Cancer de Seno”, both were limited geographically to Colombia and mainly to Barranquilla city, which is where the company is established. The following key results indicate success of the campaign. Key results In total we had 874 clicks, among 42,239 impressions, a CTR of 2.07%, an average CPC of 0.29 and a total cost of $250.01 dollars. Which is less than our pre-established budget of $274 dollars. We also expected in our pre-campaign report to pay a maximum CPC of 0.74 we just exceed this budget once, at the beginning of our first campaign, the rest of the average CPC where below 0.50, and the auto default maximum CPC was of 0.42. On our second campaign the higher CPC was 0.82, therefore the maximum CPC increased to 0.65.The best performing campaign was “Alternativas para el cancer” Conclusion. We conclude while experiencing the AdWords world, that we had the exceptional benefit of being able to experiment with our advertising as often as we have liked. Now a day, in this changing environment we live, as users are searching for different products and services, people should frequently test and refine their account structure, keywords, and ads. Over time, we were revising the ad campaigns constantly to keep them performing well. Some of the things that we have learned while the AdWords were running are that some actions can help the AdWords and get them perform better, as remove KeyWords that don’t perform, as this have helped us to improve our overall click through rate within the ad groups and campaigns. We have concluded that the low performing keywords will have a negative impact on the overall click through rate of the campaign. So we have delete keywords that were not performing well and we have tried different variations. We have also concluded that the constant changing and testing is what makes a PPC effort successful. Also, Google AdWords can help to successfully market the business to potential customers by utilizing the opportunity tool, tracking software, and using the trial and error method with different ads. Future Online Marketing Recommendations

The team believes that the AdWords web page should be update and enhanced regularly. Industry Component |
Campaign overview
We did two campaigns, the first campaign called “Alternativas para el cancer” was launched on May 13 of 2014, and the second campaign “Vence el Cancer de Seno” was launched the 29th of May of the same year. Both campaigns aim to increase brand awareness since the company operates under a B2B strategy. The campaign was limited geographically to Colombia and mainly to Barranquilla city, which is where the company is established. We focus on a specific service/topic of the company, which is Cancer, therefore, we directed our campaigns toward this issue. We aim to give information about this topic and make people aware about the services offer by our Company, which were related to this. Thus we used keywords related with what is cancer/breast cancer (specially), symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, etc. Our ad words tend to invite the client to see more information about cancer alternatives and know about the best treatments and teamwork in the city, as well, as being solidarity with this disease and offering not just treatment services but emotional help.

Evolution of campaign strategy
During a period of 4 weeks the first campaign reached 738 clicks, among 34,023 impressions, a CTR of 2.17%. The...
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