Possible Tattoos

Topics: Tattoo, Scarification, Body art Pages: 3 (640 words) Published: February 25, 2013
SPECIFIC PURPOSE:I would like to inform the class about the history, development and effect of tattoos on society. As well as…

THESIS STATEMENT:Understanding the tattoo’s origin, purpose and safety measures that will help students make an informed and healthy decision about their own possible tattoos.

I.ATTENTION GETTER: Catherine Grognard once said, “The tattoo[ed body] is a unique object- a naïve and provocative moving fresco.” Take a moment to consider what it means to you, to have the opportunity to be living art, to be living art permanently. Would you jump at chance or run away.

II.NEED: In 2002 one in every eight Americans had a tattoo. According to the American Society of Dermatological Surgery half of those people in from 2002 with tattoos will eventually want theirs removed.

III.CREDIBILITY: I can discuss this information with you because I have researched body art extensively and can speak from experience.

IV.PREVIEW SENTENCE: In order to increase your knowledge of tattoos, so some you know will be less likely to regret their possible tattoos. I’m going to focus on the following areas:

1. History
2. Popular reasons to get a tattoo
3. What to look for in an artist and parlor

(TRANSITION: In the first portion of my speech, we will examine the history of the tattoo)

I. History, according to Nicholas Thomas in “Tattoo: Bodies Art and Exchange in the Pacific and the West”

A.The accepted belief is the tattoo originated with the people it the pacific islands.
B.The Tahitian word for strike of mark is “tatau” comes from the sound of tapping ink into the skin.
C. Tattoos were accepted among the pacific islanders often times showed social status in community. -Played important role in...
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