Positve Effects of Divorce on Children

Topics: Child abuse, Attachment theory, Divorce Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: October 24, 2005
What are the effects of divorce on children?
"The divorce rate among couples as of May 2005 has now come to about 38 percent." (National Center for Health Statistics) This number, while seeming low does not accurately portray the situation. Each marriage involves two people, so when doubled the number is a more accurate 76 percent of the population in the United States that have been divorced in their life, not to mention the children that are also involved in the process. Divorce, while lengthy and sometimes hurtful, can be beneficial to the children and spouses. Children coming from situations of abuse and neglect actually benefit from the separation of parents. These parents may remain single or remarry, still studies have shown that the children have and are thriving in a way they were unable to before the separation. While there are exceptions to every rule, the divorce has become a positive alternative in some families. Children coming from homes where violence and abuse is an ordinary occurrence, are not only victims in their childhood, but are continually affected as adults. According to the Traumatogentic model, proposed by Dr. Finkelor (1987), the abused child produces a number of different psychological effects and long term behavioral changes. Leaving a child in such a situation would not only cause continual physical harm, but also the long term psychological problems. In such cases divorce is encouraged for the benefit of both the spouse being abused and the child involved. After divorce children have been shown to thrive in the new, abuse-free environment; showing improvements in their education, attitude, and overall social development. Another factor of positive divorce is the presence of neglect in the household. Accumulating information from the Attachment Theory proposed by John Bowlby in 1980, researchers have compiled evidence of the side effects of the lack of a secure attachment to caregivers at an early age. Because of...

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