Positives and Negatives About Internet

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: June 20, 2013
The Positives:
• Instant messengers such as MSN, Skype and many others allow text, sound and video to be transferred worldwide instantly as well as sharing images and other data. • The Internet has allowed people to send and receive information in seconds rather than days or weeks using E-mail. There is no barrier to doing business or collaborative research across continents. Families can use email to keep in touch in a way that was never possible before. • As a research and learning tool, the Worldwide Web offers a vast library of data. Finding information is as simple as entering words into a search engine. Knowledge can be gained in minutes rather than hours and days. • The incredibly rapid transfer of data means that people can travel less. Contact can be maintained from almost anywhere in the world as easily as across a meeting table. • The Internet provides a platform for individuals to publish information, advertising data and commerce sites. No other medium is as accessible to individuals and small businesses. • There is excellent information on any topic instantly available for anyone who knows how to evaluate their sources. Research can be performed in an hour that would have taken a month prior to the internet. One can look up a medical condition or the side effects of a prescription drug. This potential is awesome and encourages the acquisition of a whole new subset of skills. • Email allows easy, regular, casual communication between people who live far away from each other where they may not have gone to the trouble or could not have gone to the expense of telephone calls or written correspondence by mail. It allows instant and daily communications that help to maintain long distance relationships. One might only call a sibling once a month but email allows daily communication at a nominal cost. One can send a photo instantly by email. • The internet has become a great resource for work from home either for a company employee or the self employed....
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