Positive N Negative Western Influence

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Western culture Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Great ideas like-Democracy, Liberty, fraternity, rationality had their advent in the western culture that have surely proved good for India and boosted.

Her strength. For most of the Indian public perception, western culture is just a set of western clothes, discos, parties and other things that are 'hostile to morality', but in reality western culture totally embodies another realm as opposed to the popular view. One shouldn't say it straightaway that bikinis, jeans, pornography is all that western culture offers us before having, at least, a brief study about the western culture that it rightfully deserves with dignity. Actually western culture is based on rationality and respect for the human life. Even Indian culture has its evils. Did anyone even mentioned discrimination on caste while mention 'greatness of Indian culture'? Isn't that an inherent problem of Indian Culture?

And let us remind that such evils were prevalent in the society in the past in the forms of brutal rituals like sati, child marriage etc that were later abolished by the British. The latter is a clear example of esteem that western society gives to the human life, something that is clearly evident in the statistics of life expectancy in some western countries. Although western culture also has its demerits but it doesn't makes sense just to make mockery of it saying 'its polluting our culture'.

Culture is certainly not decaying. In India we call adoption of western culture as decay of our own culture. But whatever we are adopting is totally for the convenience of the work we do. Lets take example of women police, she has to be active and fast in her work. Hence shirt-pant is the best uniform which will prove convenient for her. Thus, culture can be best defined as running water i.e. to adopt newer changes and continue its flow. If culture sticks to its place like stagnant water, its obvious that people will run away from the decaying and offensive smelling pond. Thus, our...
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