Positive Thinking

Topics: Thought, Mind, Psychology Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: January 18, 2009
Positive thinking

Everybody has got positive thinking. When failure touches us, we lose self-confidence. How to regain self-confidence and achieve success by thinking positively at the time of failure? Is it possible to get peace of mind, health and success by mere positive thinking? In what ways we could achieve a life that is full of happiness and contentment? The healing of mind with positive thinking helps us to solve the problems in life. If we have some good wishes we could transform them into realities by constant practice of positive thinking. We need to improve our life constantly. We may not like to live as we lived few years back. To get improvement in all aspects, the positive thinking is a great tool. Mere reading about positive thinking would not help us in any way. The application of positive thinking is necessary. We could safeguard us from miseries if we have got the positive thinking. The power of mind has got more strength. The impossible things are made possible by positive thinking and putting maximum efforts to achieve the goals. When we become depressed we used to get self-pity and we would start blaming us for our misfortune. We should argue with our mind and ask questions whether we are responsible for the failure. By rational thinking, we could drive the negative thoughts from the mind. There are many choices available to us. If we didn’t get the thing we want, we have to pull our mind and think about the best alternative. Sometimes, the alternative thing we chose may be better than the original thing. In that case, is it a failure or a success? Being optimistic help a lot and make us shake hand with success. First we have to strive hard to fulfill the basic needs in our young age itself. Then we have to keep a full stop in running after money. We have to raise our standard of thinking. With full contentment we should apply our mind in helping others and get mental peace. More desires invite more problems. If we learn to restrict our...
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