Positive Relationships Mod 1

Topics: Childhood, Youth, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Module 1
Pathway module 094
Level 3

Supporting children and young people to have positive relationships

As a child grows and develops through different stages of their lives, they will encounter a range of people with whom they may form relationships. Sadly, not all of these relationships will be positive and the child may need support to deal with conflicts or to end the relationships that are causing them harm. Task 1

Complete the spider chart below to show the different relationships a child may have; for each relationship that you identify, explain how a positive relationship with that person will benefit the child’s development and well-being. (ref 094.1.1, 1.2)

Parents/carers Children/peers speech and language therapists the child feels safe and secure making friendships
socialising skills


health vistor Nursery nurse nursery manager
children's welfare can be are able to plan for the
properly monitored need of the child

Task 2

Answer the following questions:
Explain how to support children and young people to make new relationships. (ref 094.2.2) With in my setting we talk to the children about sharing and taking turns. We read stories about new friends using puppets and props. We talk to the children about being kind to each other and that we are all friends at nursery and we need to play together. Explain why it is important to encourage children and young people to resolve conflict for themselves if possible. (ref 094.3.1) every child will come into contact with conflict with other children at some point. How they handle this conflict is important for their self-esteem and can affect their relationship with other children. It is important that adults teach children an effective way to problem solve as well as allowing them to think of alternatives to avoid potential conflict. Explain how to support a child or young person to end relationships that are making them unhappy. (ref...
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