Positive Psychology

Topics: Positive psychology, Feeling, Mind Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: April 30, 2014

Psychology is a study that is designed to help perceive the minds of both human and animal behaviors as well as characteristics in today’s society. People in today’s society all undergo the same process beginning from birth to death, but the only difference is how he/she takes action upon certain situations that are either overlooked or observed thoroughly, easily forgotten or permanently implanted into the mind as a traumatic event for the rest of his/her life. The different characteristics of a human being is also known as positive psychology and not only does it help others realize what kind of qualities and goals each person has, but also lets one understand lucidly about them.

Before taking Dr. Seligman’s survey, VIA Survey of Character Strengths, I came across the classification list of character strengths and chose Creativity, Kindness, and Love as my signature strengths. Most of the situations that I have dealt with throughout my life have been taking through a creative and unique path that not many people would precede as if he/she were in the same situation. I am the type of person that is too kind-hearted and also reaches out to others and helps them before I help myself. I always give a lot, but not necessarily get a lot back in the end. Love is also a huge factor that has a lot of importance in my life. As a child, I understood to believe that the most important people in my life, my parents, gave me the least attention and care about just anything I did, especially that was beneficial towards me or them. For example, I was rarely congratulated or told “Good job sweetie!” or “That’s my hard-working Jenny.” and it bothered me. I intended to start expressing my feelings and take action during the end of middle school until the beginning of high school where my grades had dropped and just started to have less interest in anything that life had to offer. I started venting to friends and guys in particular and all of a sudden I realized that...
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