Positive Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Human brain, Learning Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: September 12, 2013
The results from the three tests were ,
My sensory preference was left brain.
Left brain dominance characteristics are as follows: Verbal,logical,linear, concrete, time oriented, and details. The test suggested that I try outlines,lecture notes, or the Cornell Format as a study tool. The Cornell Format provides a systematic format in which the student divides the paper into two columns. One for questions/keywords with five to seven lines or about two inches at the bottom of the page. The note-taking column is for main ideas and shortened and long sentences are ignored. Instead the use of symbols and abbreviations are used in place. For future, reference questions should be taken down right away so that the questions and information can be fresh for the student. Keywords can be taken from any valid source such and DVD's or books. I believe that this method over-all is the best for students to learn verbally and with concrete information. Verbal communication is when is when two people share information between on and other. For example people with a business need to learn how to commuicate verbally in a proper manner and to make sure all words are understood. You have to make sure the stress and tone of voice are appropriate. Concrete refers to anything tangible, Such as words and pharases like "Large Black Dog". Further more after reviewing my results from the test I've learned that my most valuable is verbal and concrete communication. I found that in my past school years that I've learned quite easily that way. I pay more attention to my teachers movements and body languauge and facial expressions. This all lets me know if my teacher is really interested in our future or they are just But, If they communicate with me then it helps me as far as learning because if a teacher and student can communicate then it helps greatly. I also learn if something is explained in great detail, again i learn verbally so If the tear is clear and detailed then I learn...
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