Positive Media Role Modeles Do Exist

Topics: Problem solving, Dora the Explorer, Nick Jr. Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: November 30, 2006
"Hmm. Let's stop and think" (Nickelodeon). This is one of Dora the Explorer's favorite phrases. Dora is a young Latina who lives inside a computer. She goes on missions exploring the world, and learning new things along the way. She is a role model for children everywhere. Young people learn about problem solving skills (as demonstrated by her favorite phrase), courage, and the world around them. Role models, such as Dora the Explorer, enhance children's creative skills, and open up their imaginations to a whole new world of possibilities. It is interesting to me to witness the many arguments that TV is a negative presence in young people's lives. Yes, I agree that some materiel should not be viewed by children, but there is a whole spectrum of shows a few networks offer that can be a very positive learning experience for children. Many role models portrayed by these programs demonstrate imaginative and uniquely positive qualities and behaviors that instill in children the thirst for knowledge.

The TV program, "Dora the Explorer," offers a wide variety of positive experiences for the viewer. Dora teaches children about problem solving, social skills, and imagination. This young heroine encounters many obstacles on her many challenging quests. Each time a new opportunity arises for her to explore, she jumps at it. Her trusty sidekicks, Backpack and Map, are always there to lend a helping hand. Each time Dora is in need of some new contraption to assist her on her quest, Backpack comes to the rescue. Sometimes, as soon as Dora has gained the object she has been seeking, Swiper the fox snatches it and may hide it in any place he can find. Then, in order to capture the object back again, she must solve the problem. Where could Swiper have hidden it? She will often ask the audience for help, encouraging children to be vocal in their responses, and to be active audience members. Then she will walk us, the audience, through the problem solving method. Each episode has...

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