Positive Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution

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The statement is true to the extent that it is somewhat false and true. This is due to the fact that every major positive impact always brings in many negative impacts with it that even sometimes affects other major impacts of the Industrial Revolution. The impacts of the Industrial Revolution changed the world vastly and improved civilization with all the negative effects it also produced.
One of the main impacts of the Industrial Revolution is Commerce and Trade. It allowed countries to have free trade with each other and grow economically. Countries that did free trade frequently were usually the ones that strived with lots of power and influence. Britain, for example, which was the centre point of the Industrial Revolution, created many
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Although free trade was positive, it didn’t stop people from doing inhumane things for profit such as buying and selling slaves, with Negroes not even being considered human and used to help for farming or as servants. Slaves would be captured from Africa, usually Western Sub-Saharan Africa and brought to large auction areas such as London to be bargained, this is depicted through slave trade posters used to advertise auctions. Slaves contributed greatly to the economy of Europe. Commerce and Trade had a large positive effect on the growth of many countries that outweigh the negative effects such as slavery, it allowed countries to indirectly work together in building the …show more content…
Manufacturing allowed goods that help everyday life reach households such as refrigerators and lightbulbs. Commerce and Trade helped countries in earning money and improving society with new ways to trade and

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