Positive Impact of Two-Way Immersion Programs in Elementary Schools

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Positive Impact of Two-Way Immersion Programs in Elementary Schools In Germany, students begin to learn Russian at age ten, while in Primary Schools. Education is given in Primary Schools from age six to fourteen. The students then go on to Secondary Schools until age eighteen where a four-year course is available. “In Secondary Schools the pupils learn English or French as their second foreign language, and possibly Latin also” (Taylor 261). German students are more diverse and well-rounded as a whole by learning a variety of languages. They know a variety of different languages by time they graduate high school. On the contrary, students in the United States are only exposed to foreign languages for a few weeks in middle school. They learn the basics in French on year, Spanish the next year, and German the following year. However, the majority of these students rarely recall any of the information learned. Then, in high school, the students are required to have a minimum of two years in a foreign language in order to graduate. The students in the United State remain monolingual as they graduate form high school. For that reason, there should be more two-way immersion programs in elementary schools all across the United States for monolingual children wanted to become bilingual and become more intellectual individuals. I will argue how immersion programs would be beneficial for education, how bilingual education should begin at the elementary level, and how children have a greater capacity to learn new languages.

To begin with, two- way immersion programs should be available for all elementary students across the country. “Language immersion programs are characterized by a focus on learning school subjects through the medium of a second language, rather than an exclusive focus on the language being learned” (Chamot and El-Dinary). Children in immersion programs usually begin in kindergarten or first grade and continue through the elementary years. CHERRY HILL...

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