Positive Image of Nursing

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Throughout the years there has been a common misinterpretation about the image of nursing. At most times this image is negative and represents the profession in an unconstructive manner. Nurses have the potential to change this image. They can take initiative in many different areas of social involvement. One area that can influence the roles and representations nurses have in society is continuing education or advanced degrees. A second area is social impression which can be influenced by the demonstration of professionalism. The last area nurses can positively affect to improve the professions image, is through public relations and education. Through these areas of social involvement nurses can make a difference by being proactive and presenting a more positive portrayal of nursing.

In order for a nurse to obtain higher education there has to be initiative and desire. This includes a want to increase self knowledge and perseverance. Nurses who are continuing and achieving higher education can raise the bar in demonstrating professionalism. In many two year associate programs throughout the country, professionalism is never taught or concentrated on because of dense course material compacted into two years. In these programs students are taught to be proficient at performing skills, not managing conflict on units or conducting research. To better prepare nursing students for career advancement, associate degree of nursing programs (ADN) can benefit by implementing professionalism throughout their curriculum. This would potentially increase the number of students in Bachelors of Science degrees in Nursing (BSN) and at least clarify advantages and disadvantages to higher education. If Nurses from ADN programs were to pursue higher education it would ultimately improve the image of nursing. These nurses would be better trained professionals and present themselves with prestige. Communication with coworkers and patients would be improved and burnout rates

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