Positive Family Life

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Positive Family Life

When asked to depict a positive family life, you may find yourself imagining a perfect family. A perfect family would be where the dad works during the day and a mom tends to laundry and taking the kids to sport practices. They would live in a beautiful house out in the suburbs with a white picket fence and a playful dog to come home to. But let’s be honest here, not everyone has this as their family life. More recently than not children are grown up in split homes and never even leave the city. Some people don’t even know who their fathers and that is okay. What is most important about having a positive family life is not where you live or whether your parents are divorced, it is the people and surrounding that love you the most. It does not matter how big or small your family may be, but how you spend your time with them. Some positive values that should be learned and expressed throughout your family are honesty, being considerate, and being respectful. These are simple ways to achieve a happy and loving family. I know it is hard to sometimes be honest with your parents about things you know you should have probably not have done but it is important to live up and be responsible for what you have done. Responsibility is another value I believe should be important to maintaining a happy home. Spending time as a family is essential. If you do not spend time with each other then you find yourself becoming detached and that is no way to have a positive family life. There are things you can do to spend time with each other such as sharing a meal with your family at the dinner table or having a family night where you can go bowling or stay home and watch movies. It doesn’t matter how you spend time together but as long as you do. To conclude depicting a positive family life, it does not matter who your family is and whether or it matches an ideal perfect family that you may see on T.V. or not. What makes a positive family life is the...
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