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Positive effect of iPad devices in our life

By 33lawi Nov 18, 2013 945 Words
Title of the essay
(Positive effects of the iPad in our life)
The 21 century is the century in which our life has been modernized faster. Inthis century, there are a lot of new technologies which are invited and used in the people’s daily life. Thesetechnologies havechanged the life of the human beings forever. The most used technology nowadays is iPaddevices which affect our life positively in four main regions:business, communication, education, and lifestyle. First of all, in the business sector,iPads have advanced and saved their time and effort .For example, weekly reports from all the company branches can easily been collected in few seconds and without delay the usual work. In addition, these devices have increased the employees work productivity. For instance, if the company has double the usual work , employees can handle this challenge and double their daily duties by using iPads. They are able to do the work anywhere and at any time. Moreover, in the business area it is conceivable to communicate quickly inside a business. Employees are able to discuss issues without needing to go to gatherings. According to techdusts ,“If you liketo stay connected and prefer the convenience of using a mobile device, you can use your iPad to complete this task from anywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to read your email on the way to work so that you can deal with more pressing issues once you actually arrive. It can help you to prioritize your day based on what needs your attention the most.”(techdusts, 2010). Moreover, Clints can speak with different branches of the company or different company by phone, message, fax and motion picture conferencing. This saves the time, the inconvenience and the expense of making a trip to meet with far-flung business partners. Secondly, it has made the communication area easier and better than before and with amazing features. Individuals can facilely stay in touch with companions and relatives by emailand instant messages. This is especially when a relative or companion is living abroad. I pad devices are running an amazing communication programs. For example, Skype, viper, for voice and videos calls. In addition, there are other programs for instant texting such as, twitter,Facebook, etc. Moreover, iPad devices have made a revelation in the communication’s clarity and spreading. iPad’s programs work with an amazing graphics technology which offer clear and high quality programs to the users. Social sites and blogging empower individuals to communicate and express themselves which can sporadically accelerate success in their chosen field. The iPad offers a wide range of ways to communicate with colleagues, no matter where you are. “It's implicit Face Time motion picture calling application or alternate party Skype application permits considerably more adaptability than a standard telephone call, while conferencing applications, for example Webex gave you a chance to run a full-scale gathering call from anyplace you can access an Internet association. Applications, for example Basecamp takes things above and beyond as of now, offering a complete suite of coordinated effort and venture administration as well.”(Walton, 2013) In addition to the business and communication sectors, iPad devices have also gaven a lot of be benefits to the education. Nowadays these devices became an essential element in any successful educational process. There are many of purely educational programs which can be used in these devices such as, language dictionary, scientific articles, and scientific reference. Moreover, it also supports a lot of educational games which are used in many of primary schools to enhance student’s education. Many of colleges and universities nowadays are using such devices to offer a distance education to students who cannot attend regular classes. ipad devices are used to offer online courses which help the universities to present these courses to a large segment of students. This feature allows students who are not capable to take their courses in their homes just by logging in their websites and studying and take examsThe corresponding courses in the community collogue and universities offer a distance or continuing education classes. The instructor in these courses will upload the course documents and lectures via student’s mails. Furthermore, students will require to submit their assignments and exams to the teachers by their university email. Without this technology, this education process would be long and complicated. Students can enroll online courses at any time they want to.(William McCoy, 2013) Finally, lifestyle of people has changed dramatically with the use of ipads where modernization has improved faster. This device helped people to do multiple tasks such as, payingbills,shopping, buying, and selling. All this can be done just by logging into websites by using ipads. In addition, they also offer entertainment such as , online movies , online games, etc. They havealso helped the users to manage their time by using the device task manager and calendar. It also helps people to download and upload pictures, videos, songs,and even voice notes on their devices. Furthermore, a lot of new social media could be reached byusing ipads. Social media like twitter,Facebook applications inipad devices have made people available anywhere and anytime. To conclude,ipad devices have contributedthe human beings life and change it positively in four main regions: business field, communication, education, and lifestyle. It also made our life faster and easier than before.In my point of view, these new technology have changed our lifestyle we know fantastically to the better.

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