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Changes are inevitable now a days. These changes have offered good and bad influences to us. In schools for example, students have been very different in terms of values and study habits because of the emerging changes and innovation especially in the field of science and technology. One good example of this is the emergence of the internet. Online games and other social networking are just a click away for all students of ages. Cellular phones are also made a need to all which offers the same services available in the internet cafes. When those people discovered these things, little did they consider the negative impact of such. They would like to believe that they do it for the convenience of everyone. But the question is, was this the exact things happening now.

In the schools today, a lot of students miss classes because they are hooked in the internet for their games and other related activities in the café. What really suffer now are of course their studies. A lot of them really fail because their thoughts are in the concentration of how they could find time in the internet. A lot of them would stay late at night not because they are busy scanning their books or preparing for the next academic days but are busy chatting with friends and the like. Worst that may happen is the possibility that they open sites on pornography and become curios of imitating what they see. The effect is becoming large that we see adverse effects of such. What do you think is one of the reasons of premarital sex among the youths today? Is it not possible to point at the internet?

Sad to say, that a lot of us are not educated on the use of the net. On the other hand, there are good effects of the internet too. We just have to educate the youths or the students in particular on the proper way of using it. With just a click of it, you find answers to all the queries on the different subjects. In English for example, you can now find the summary of a long novel or even a thick book. You are given the luxury of understanding a long long text in an hour or less. Is it not a big help to us supposed to be. In history for example, if old books are not available, we can find answers in the net whatever year it may be.

I just can not reconcile the reality that most students fail even if the there are internet that would suppose to help them in their researches. This research work would like to find out the effects of the internet among students with regards to their academic performances. What are the possible ways to educate the young on the proper way of using it?

A Research Paper

The Positive and Negative Effects of using Internet

Presented to:

Cornelio Elvis S. Gaffud

In Partial Fullfilment of the Requirements in English IV

Presented by:

Monique Lorize D.C. Toribio


The Negative Impact of the Internet and Its Solutions

The advent of the Internet has been one of the most exciting major events in the second half of the 20th century. The ancient dream of “a scholar knows all things happening in the world without venturing outdoors” has finally become a reality. Since 1993, the Internet started to take off. At present, the Internet has spread to more than 180 countries and regions, connecting more than 600,000 domestic networks of various types, hooking up more than 20 million computers available to 120 million users (2% of the entire global population). Within the Internet are the information treasures shared by all human civilizations.

The reason why the Internet seems all-powerful is because it has two characteristics no other mechanisms possess: first, the Internet contains the biggest resource of information in the entire world; second, it enables people to obtain an interactive mechanism to instantly communicate with each other.

Once connected with the Internet, everyone can...
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